Last week we decided to sign up to a monthly pass to the National Trust, something we have been meaning to do for a while now we have the dogs.
Our first thought was to go afar and find somewhere fun and new when in reality there are so many places great to visit that are close and also somewhere we could take my mum and step dad as we don’t seem to see them that often.


Since we took Hunter on a rainy day to Dunham Park when he was a puppy (over a year ago now) we have been meaning to go back and have a more walkable adventure with both Hunter and Maple.

Dunham Massey park is situated between Manchester and Cheshire passing through the beautiful little village of Dunham Massey, where you can find farms, pubs and little cottage houses.

Upon entering the car park we was greeted by a woman in a hut and with our new National Trust pass we just flashed it and with a smile carried on to find a parking space in their very large car park. With our National Trust pass the carpark is free, if you do not have one the car park is £6 per car.
Once we all hoped out the car and proceeded to walk  Hunter, Maple and my mums dog Tilly on their leads towards the entrance you find a large map to show you where you can visit, walk and see different parts of the park.


We walked through the main reception and carry on through past the shop and cafe (which we visited on the way back) to start our on lead walking with Hunter, Maple and little Tilly.
Even though i love a good muddy walk with the dogs, having a firm gravel path to walk on all the way round is defiantly a plus for those weather permitting days.

Carrying on over the bridge and past the river full of ducks and geese we head through the gates to find some lovely looking buildings.



Just up ahead is the old Jacobbean Watermill, mossed over on its roof with a fully working water wheel, this old corn mill is a lovely part of the grounds in which you can pop in and take a look around.
Even though it was restored in the 1980’s to preserve the building and features in which it was estimated at being built in 1600’s it is still in working order.

Walking past the mill and coming to a cross rounds of different walk ways we come across the large Georgian hall in which the dogs are not allowed in which is a shame, however the house is explored by tour guide only.


Carrying on past the hall, you see an abundance of trees and different views carrying on the different paths, we walk round to find some unusual logs and fallen trees just off the beaten track.
Whilst taking some photos of Hunter, Maple and Tilly in a fallen trees roots they was getting some lovely site seeing in with squirrels and ducks pottering about the grounds in front of them.


They was all clearly enjoying there walk which so far had taken over 30 minutes already and we continued onto going through some more gates as we came across the Deer Park.

Dogs are welcome through the Deer Park on leads which they are for most of the park; They are allowed off their lead in the North Park which is next to the car park when entering Dunham Massey Park.
The 300 acre Deer Sanctuary is a lovely place to be in, with the foliage of leaves on the floor and seeing a deer jumping past the trees to the side of you and running across the path. Hunter and Maple enjoyed sitting and watching them for a good 10 minutes i think they wanted to join them and be in the great outdoors.


The fallow deer are absolutely gorgeous in there woodland habitat, with their lovely white and chestnut coat you could sit and look at them all day. With no benches you find a few photographs on the floor with some very nice looking zoom lenses which we didn’t have to hand but either on your camera or phone you can capture some deer or two.

Continuing on back round to the hall and after passing some lovely dog owners who stoped to say hello the one lap of the park is 3.2 miles (according to my Fitbit watch) meaning of course it was time for a tea break!
We walked over the bridge to the cafe, in which has a good sized seating area for you to be able to grab a drink and some food as well as grabbing a drink for your dogs too.
Whilst outside the Cafe there is a shop which has an outside tap and water bowl beneath in order to replenish your dog after your long or short walk.

As there is no dogs in the Cafe or Shop we sit at a table outside with Hunter, Maple and Tilly and send in Simon and my Step Dad in to grab the refreshments.
I opted to share a pot of tea with my Step dad whilst its more than an ample size, whilst my mum and Simon got a Latte each.
My mum and step dad got a sandwich each and a shortbread to share which had the National Trust on and was lovely and light, whilst i got a great sized Coffee and Walnut cake and Simon having a Carrot Cake, all costing £25, which in all isn’t bad at all.


We had such a lovely morning/afternoon and 3 tired doggies, that we will defiantly be visiting again soon.


#nationaltrust   #dunhampark   #adorablecockers



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2 thoughts

    1. Hi Emma & Alfie,
      It was lovely indeed and of course we’d love a doggy date! Where were you guys a few weeks ago?
      And I think Hunter would want to come home with you if you gave him cuddles

      – Amy White x


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