Today we decided to visit Bents Pet Place in Glazebury today where you can have a little shop with your dog and of course enjoy a good pot of tea.


We arrived at 10.15am as Bents opens on a Sunday at 10am and walked straight through the doors and to the right where there was already some lovely dogs with there owners at the tables and chairs in the cafe part of the Pet Place.

Of course i ordered a pot of tea and two lovely handmade biscuits for Hunter and Maple from the counter where there is a hound and human section, with selections of treats and milk for the dogs and cake, sandwiches and various drinks for the humans.



Whilst Hunter and Maple are having a sniff at the other dogs i just sat and poured some more tea and sipped away and enjoyed looking outside at the rain.

I gave them both a biscuit each and they chomped away and licked all the little bits off the grass patterned floor as they love these so much we always grab some for the way home.



After we finished up, we take a look around the shop and grabbed a few essentials as they have quite a wide selection of different pet products.

We grabbed some Beco poo bags as these are the ones i like to use best, a new I love PETHEAD shampoo as we still had the blue puppy one, and of course some lovely handmade biscuits.
Whilst roaming around the shop we came across a board which had a #pawsforaselfie board which of course we had to jump in on…


After we finished up we took a trip to Pennington Flash Country Park which is an 11 minutes drive away from Bents.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 19.59.26-01.png


Upon arrival we had to enter the golf shop to pay for parking as its pay and display. The car park cost £1.20 for the full day which is quite cheap for a full day parking.
Once putting the leads on the dogs and jumping out the car, we walked over to peer upon the lake and seen sail boats all across the choppy waters from the windy and rainy conditions. Hunter and Maple decided to jump on the bench and sit down to watch the ducks bobbing up and down the water.
Carrying on past, still near the carpark there is an information cabin with provides toilet facilties and also an ice-cream parked up even though i thinks its bit cold for an ice-cream at the moment!

We did a quick 25 minute walk as we got drenched and really dirty and the footpaths seem to hold a lot of water!


Dogs are allowed off lead at the owners risk, but of course you only do this if they are behaved anyway right?

There is a lot of grassy parts which is great for throwing there ball and getting Hunter and Maple a little more tired. Its a good place to walk with the footpaths being handy rather than walking across full fields when its raining or sunny.

We will be going to visit again when there is bit of sun shining through those clouds.



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