D.I.Y | Scarf to collar & lead

Yesterday I decided to make the best out of a bad situation…

The husband decided to clean my wool scarf in the washing machine with Hunter and Maples bedding, I’m sure you can imagine how much it became miss shaped, shrunken and also FULL of dog hairs. It was  condemned!

So I decided to make something for Hunter and Maple.

– I firstly measured Hunter and Maples neck and added 100mm to each to ensure I have left enough space when sewing.

– I then cut the tassels off both ends of the scarf and then started to cut into pieces. I used the neck measurements to cut the top part into the collar sections leaving a thickness of 55mm to ensure the 20mm webbing fits inside with a 15mm sewing capacity. I then cut a the length of the leads to the full length of the scarf as it was the perfect size and again ensure the thickness is 55mm.

– I then put my 20mm webbing on top of each piece and cut to the same size. I then used a lighter to burn the webbing edges so no fraying encurs.

– I then grabbed one of my collar sections and folded in half ensuring (the wrong side up) I had a 20mm gab to slide my webbing into later. I stitched all down the open side and repeated this process on every section I had cut out.

– I trimmed any stray threads and any hangover fabric I had ready for turning inside out. I made a small hole in the end of a sewn piece and grabbed a pack of long cable ties and tied one through the hole and started to slide it through the same side of the sewn tube, bringing the fabric now the right way round and not seeing your stitched side. Then I carefully cut the cable tie off and then repeated the process for each piece.

– I then made a small hole in the 20mm webbing and tied a cable tie through then hole and slid it through the sewn tube. Then once in place I cut the cable tie off and related the process for each piece.

– I then sewn down each long side of the fabric leaving a 5mm gap on each side and sewn from top to bottom and repeated for every piece.

– I then grabbed one of the collar pieces and slide on a 25mm D ring and slid each end through the 20mm buckle with a 50mm over hang.

– I then sewn the two parts together ensuring the d ring is within the stitched part. (I hand sewn a little stitch in the middle of the D Ring part I hand sewn a little part in the middle to help keep it in place) I did the same with the other collar section. | Collars are now complete |

– I took the 25mm clasps for the leads off a two way dog lead we had (never been used). I then pulled one of the ends through the clasp leaving about 40mm to sew the two parts together.

– At the other end I measured 220mm from the end and put a mark with a marker there, grabbed the the end and folded to the point to form the handle and sewed it together and repeated for the other.


I think it worked out well that they have a new collar and lead each rather than me having another scarf in the draw.



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