BAKING TIME | Trying out pawbakes

I thought it was time to finally buy Pawbakes dog baking kits we have seen them everywhere. I ordered x1 Doggie biscuit baking kit, x1 Doggie cupcake baking it, x1 extra bone cutter and x1 Pawbakes tennis ball.

Im not the best at baking so i put it off for a while, but by god these are so simple and totally in love with them.

Such a great concept!

The bone shaped biscuits

I read all the instructions on the back; pre heated the oven to 180oC, opened up the doggie biscuit baking kit and found a packet of mixture and a bone shape cutter.


I poured the mixture, scooped out 1tbsp of the mixture to save for later and then added in 5tbsp of warm water into the bowl and mixed it together with a spoon, i added a little water to make it more doughy and let aside for 10minutes.

After the 10 minutes i used the left over mixture i scooped out before sprinkle it on the worktop and grab my dough and rolled out. I proceeded in stamping the bone cutter into the dough and then placing them onto a non stick baking tray – i pricked each bone with a fork as the professionals do 😉


I then placed them into the oven and set my alarm for 15 minutes and then carried on to check them browning for a further 3 minutes.


I took them out and left them to cool and started on with my other box i ordered.


The cupcake baking kit

I read all the instructions on the back and changed my oven to 200oC and opened the box to find the cupcake mixture, choco icing and cupcake cases.


I placed the red cases into a muffin tray ready for later.

I then poured the mixture into the bowl and added 1 medium beaten egg, 1tbsp of olive oil, and 3tbsp of water ( i added just a little more water to make it bit runny) and mixed all together till combined.

I spooned the mixture into the cases and then let Hunter and Maple lick the spoon and bowl of course.


I then popped the tray into the oven and set my alarm for 14 minutes and then checking until golden brown.


Once the cupcakes where out and cooled i then made the choco icing by simmering water in a pan and placing the choco in a heatproof dish ontop and melting.


After it was melted i smothered the tops of the cupcakes and let them cool.


This has made me love baking!



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