JOULES | New pet range

Hunter and Maple have had a few dog beds but finding new ones to fit into our dark country living room can sometimes be a challenge.

But coming across the new pet range from Joules, it was love at first sight.

Its common knowledge to most that in our household green is the go to colour and seeing the ‘Percher check dog bed‘ we just had to get one.

It just looked so homely and a perfect match for Hunter and Maple.
I ordered a size Large so they could both share the bed in the living room when they fancy a sleep or a nap, as they do always love a quick nap together. This bed can easily fit our two cocker spaniels in with room to spare.

I love that the bed came vacuumed packed and once open it sprang into place and with the soft cushion base to be put into place it just seems cosy.



I also picked the matching ‘Travel nap check travel bed bed‘. This comes in one size but its the perfect fit for my two spaniels.

This is so worth having. Practical, stylish and of course comfy!
Great for taking with you anywhere you go, this will be getting used a lot… especially for putting in the back of the car to keep Hunter and Maple comfy.





I also couldn’t resist getting the ‘All over dog iPhone 6 case‘ it is just adorable.
With a hard plastic case and clear backing it will go great on any colour of iPhone.



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