D.I.Y | Green leather collar & lead


For the love of green!

I have been wanting a green leather collar and lead set with silver hardware for Hunter and Maple for a while but i fancied having a go at making my own….

Lets face it we all love something unique and handmade.

I bought x3 strips of 3mm green leather with a length of 122cm, this worked out i can get two collars and two leads from these strips.


For the collars I grabbed 1 strip and measured Hunter and Maples neck and added 15cm and cut to length and rounded the corners.

(I took care – like you should with any sharp equipment)

I then proceeded in using my leather stitch punch tool to prep the holes for sewing with my waxed thread.

IMG_9821 -1

This process did take a little while but it soon went quicker with a little music…

I then measured 6cm from the end and marked where i needed to hole punch & cut to create a rectangular shape to put my buckle through.


Once the buckle was through i worked out where the next two holes will be, to put the joining screws through to secure the buckle and D ring in place (with the joining screws i put drop of loctite onto the thread and screwed tight with a screw driver)



I then used a letter stamping tool kit i already had to put an ‘M’ and ‘H’ on the end to make it a little personal and also to know who’s is who’s collar.


For the leads i rounded the corners & measured 40cm , then used my stitch punch to only stitch this part which will become the handle.




I then folded the handle part over to meet the end stitching and hole punched the end parts, then continued to punch another two holes to secure the D ring and handle together.



I measured 10cm from the opposite end and marked ready to put my lobster clasp on the end. I folded the end to the 10cm point and punched the holes ready for securing with the joining screws. (with the joining screws i put drop of loctite onto the thread and screwed tight with a screw driver)

Once all was done i sealed the leather and then let to dry.



**Please note: I have never made anything leather before and this is just to show you how i made mine.


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