GAME FAIR | Knutsford, Cheshire


IMG_0539Yesterday we took a trip to the Cheshire Game and Country Fair in Knutsford.

We did a quick detour and picked my mum and step dad up so they could enjoy the day out with us… Upon arrival we soon found out that there was a lot of dogs! Which is always a winner.

Entering through with our already printed tickers we followed round to the left where we found some old vintage vehicles of all sorts, cars, bikes, tractors, army trucks and much more…


We followed on past a few stalls selling bits and bobs and come to the Gun dog training, now i could sit and watch them for hours but we had a quick 10minutes and carried on.


Which then we came across the different dog breads, only some where there, no spaniels though! But all of them were asleep together, just too cute.

We came to the shooting part, which i must admit there wasn’t a lot of shooting related things at this game fair, more just country style…


Although we did come across the ‘Star Shot’ – an old disciplined sport which has been dormant for approx 15 years, the que was quiet long for this so gave it a miss and carried on to the sound of roaring chainsaws in the distance to find the Chainsaw Carving World Championships.


Watching on with the chainsaw carving there was a lot of them about! We spent a good 30minutes watching different people create their individuals items – which some of them were for sale.

We stopped for a quick water break, for us and the dogs which was in turn ended up in front of a horse show with falcons.


We came across the lovely ruffandtumble dog coats which we bought our first coats from in Green and Burgundy. The Lady was very welcoming and she tried the sizes on which fitted them the best (Both a M).


Strolling onwards we came across the Arton & Co stall with homemade dog treats, collars, leads and more! We picked up some of their doggy doughnuts and bones whilst Hunter & Maple where getting stroked off some passers by… because who doesn’t love a cuddle?


We found the Harringtons stall nicely greeted by a man offering samples of all their treats and of course we grabbed a few bags for Hunter & Maple…



Then we had to find a stall to pick up some little treats for us too… We grabbed some fudge from a little hand made sweet stall.




It was in all a lovely sunny day and we mainly got goodies for the dogs, but time flew by and it was time for home!