GURU pet food | 2nd birthday


GURU has been in our cupboard for over and year and its now their 2nd birthday!
How time fly’s…

Baby Maple with her first ever #tripboneIMG_5937.JPG


After seeing GURU for the first time on Instagram their trip bones looked great for a snack… They really are the perfect treat for your four legged friend.
They are natural just like their pet food. These are the small cold pressed chicken bones, they come in two and we always grab a few.

Hunter literally jumps up and down and howls when he sees them, they are his favourite.


These are the road trip bones (Big Tasty Chicken Bone) they are a larger version nearly twice the size of the trip bones! These take a good 5 minutes before Hunter & Maple demolish them.

We use these for a substitute on the road for a meal, they work out perfect for those camping trips.



GURU recently started to sell their Venison sausages, all natural and nothing to hide!
These sausages are a very tasty treat containing only : British Venison (70%), Vegetable Glycerol, Sweet Potato, Apple (4%).

Perfect pocket size resealable bag.

We recommend GURU 100% – Happy 2nd Birthday Geeks