D.I.Y | Knitting a dog scarf

IMG_1950Its getting to that time of year where the cold starts to creep in and you finally turn the heating on…

So that means its time to get the scarves out. not for me… for Hunter & Maple!

We used 5mm knitting needles, a large ball of wool & some left over wool in another colour, a pom pom maker & a needle and thread for attaching the pom poms (all from #hobbycraft)


Casting on

– I made a slip knot by making a loop with my yarn then bringing the yarn through the loop; creating another loop with a knot at the end in which pulling to tighten the knot onto the needle.


– Wraping the yarn around my thumb so i have a loop, i then brought the needle under & up through the loop around my thumb.

– I removed my thumb from the loop & pulled the yarn.

– I continued on with these steps until i got the desired number of stitches for the width of the scarf.



– Holding in my left hand the needle with the stitches i insert the right needle in the first stitch from the front to the back, then brought the yarn under & over.

– With the right needle i then draw the yarn through the stitch & pulled the right needle through the loop and pull the left stitch off. This now made my first stitch on the right needle.


– I continued to do this to form a scarf (measuring at 62cm – double the size of a dog collar we use).

Casting off


– I stitched the first two, then with my left needle go into the first stitch & pull over the second to release off.

– I stitched the next one, so I always have two on the right side & repeat till the end stitch.

– On my first stitch i pulled the remaining stitch then pulled my needle out, making a loop i pulled my yarn through to form a knot, finishing this off.

Pom poms

– I couldn’t leave the scarves without making some pom poms!
So i grabbed my handy tool (which i bought from #hobbycraft) wrapped my different coloured yarn around the two halves closed & cut.


– Then i wrapped a piece of yarn around ready to pull the pom pom maker apart, then tightened the yarn to hold it together.

– Bringing together the bottom of the scarf in a ‘W’ shape; stitching together ready to sew on the pom poms.


(The one of the left was made with a 1x needle and a 1x pencil to give a different texture of tightness)

I hope you guys like the doggy scarves & try to make your own!
We would love to see ❤