Woof&Brew | Tea, beer & wine (for dogs)

IMG_3066We love a good cuppa in our house hold and now your dog can enjoy one too with Woof & Brew Teas and Tonics.

We came across the Tea online at Woof&Brew.com whilst we was purchasing the doggy beer and pawsecco they do!

They sell different flavoured Teas and we picked the Healthy Herbal Dog Teas in ‘For fresh breath’. It contains essentials oils and is packed with vitamins and minerals in the pyramid tea bags.


Just like our own cuppa, we popped the kettle on the hob and waited to hear the whistle. We popped the teabag in the bowl and left for 4 minutes, took the tea bag out and added the required amount of cold water. It says best served with food, but we just wanted a cuppa!


It smelt like perfumed chicken! I kinda wanted a lick myself… Hunter loved it a lot but Maple wasn’t too keen…


I let Maple try their Pawsecco – We picked the ‘House White Composition’  which has an infusion of Elderflower and Nettle… Non alcoholic and grape free of course!



Let’s just say Maple wanted more… i poured the rest in a bowl for her and let Hunter try some of his doggy beer.


As i was pouring this into the bowl Hunter was right in there! He couldn’t help himself to the Bottom Sniffer beer for dogs.



With this non alcoholic beer it contains Dandelion & Burdock and it kinda smells of it… Not only are these herbs full of nostalgia in ‘beer type’ drinks, along with all the other herbs included, help towards aiding the general well being for your dog.

We will be buying them again, especially for those doggy presents for friends,

Great concept.