Lavender barn tea room | Dunham Massey

09B183C4-738A-45ED-A972-C72642736215FFF6B83C-7F1A-4B88-8B04-E1043E26859CWe recently discovered the Lavender barn tea room at Dunham Massey. It’s a dog friendly cafe on the grounds of a lovey little farm.

Upon arrival there is small car park and a field where you can let your dog off for a run.

There is an outdoor seated area that’s sheltered for you and your dog to enjoy as well as chairs and tables.


Or you can venture to the back of the cafe where there is blanket covered seating, dog beds, dog treats and also water bowls and towels for those wet days.


We continued inside with very welcoming staff which they offered us a menu and went and sat down in the back room with Hunter and Maple.


50C2FDC7-7C8D-4050-9ABA-47603F0EB489.jpegWe scanned through the menu and soon decided on ordering pot of tea for two and two bacon and cheese toasties which is served with salad and a teacup of kettle crisps. The cost of all of it was £15 you can’t go wrong!


Its also a great cafe for the family as they are currently doing pumpkin carving in the farm and also there is play area outside for the little ones and they hold pony parties.



There was some lovely cakes on display but we are saving them for next time! So we continued on with the rest of our day with Hunter and Maple.

We drove just round the corner to Dunham Massey Hall (National Trust) and had a lovely autumn walk through the park amoung the deer.