PITPAT | Dog activity monitors


We have joined the PitPat pack!

We recently received the PitPat dog activity monitors and couldn’t wait to try them out and see how they work.


First impressions
– It is smaller and lighter than i thought and doesn’t appear to be bulky.
– Not a fan of black as a colour in general for the dogs but with the contrast of orange it does work well with our orange and red tweed collars we have.
– The velcro is a strong stick velcro.


Setting up
It took less than 5 minutes from downloading the app – to installing and setting up both PitPat dog activity monitors.


The app you download for the PitPat is FREE and is compatible with the App store and Google Play store.

Once downloaded, all you have to do is put your name and email address in then input some information about your dog and it creates their own profile on the app.


Making sure your bluetooth is on, you then click the paw on the PitPat and it will connect to your new dogs profile.


The app its self is very easy to use and doesn’t take long at all. I do like how user friendly the interface is of the app.

Putting it to the test:
As its waterproof, lightweight and has a 1 year battery life i thought it would go out in the cold and have a fun wet walk…


… it’s definitely waterproof!

As i was just testing it for the walk i took the collars off once we got home and connected the PitPats to my phone to see what stats we had.

You have to click the paw on the collar (making sure bluetooth is on) and it will then update to your phone.


I always thought Maple was more of a runner… but looking at the stats and minutes from our walk this morning, Hunter is defiantly getting more calories burnt! (no wonder he has more muscles and now its going to get a little more food than normal).


PitPat no doubt helps to see what your dogs have been up to throughout the day; out on walks, playing and just when they are resting.

Retail price £49 each and the App which is FREE. If needed you can also purchase a velcro set for £2.


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