CRUFTS | Our first experience

We was lucky enough to get an invite to Crufts with both Hunter & Maple on Friday (with IAMS|Eukanuba|FURminator) and on Sunday (with Frontline UK).

On first experience was defiantly a good one. Hunter and Maple lasted the whole day long both days, with lots of treats, strokes and of course some goodies to take home.


On Friday we left for on our first journey to Crufts bright and early at 6am. Both dogs fast asleep in the car and us with a nice coffee and some music on to wake us up. We arrived at the carpark, walking through to find the Crufts main entrance and trying to take the icon picture of the NEC letters, we proceeded to go inside.

The shear number or stalls and people was quite overwhelming but Hunter and Maple quite enjoyed it and took it in their stride. We got stopped numerous times to be asked if they could have a stroke and cuddle which of course they love!


We had a nice stroll round buying some little treats and toys for Hunter & Maple till 12:30pm where we then met up with @jasper @alfie and got a front row seat to listen to a Pawchestra ‘ A Dogs Tale’ which was a proven constructed piece to calm and relax your dogs. (click here to listen yourself)

We bumped into a few instagram dogs on the way round and they were gorgeous!


We then continued to carry on with our afternoon leading to our consultation with FURminator and the found of the Groomer’s Spotlight Stuart Simon’s

We got some great tips on grooming and also our own FURminator tool and some personalised goodies!


We took another lap round all the halls and stopped to grab a nice cup of tea. Of course being stopped more people to have cuddles and strokes from Hunter & Maple.


We finished the night off with an IAMS photobooth then leading to a private event with an IAMS Flyball Masterclass with some Flyball professionals. Maple had one go but think she thought it would be quick to run round the hurdles, rather than over.



Thank you guys from #eukanubaUK #IAMSUK #FURMINATORUK we loved the whole of our Friday with you and thanks for our goodies!




On Sunday we were invited by Frontline and we went first thing in the morning to visit there stand. We arrived a little early to see Titch but we got a goodie bag and had people come over and say hi to Hunter and Maple.




We wondered off and did a little shopping meeting some more instagram dogs and just their owners. (of course cuddles all round!)



We popped to grab a Pet teezer as they needed a new brush. Hunter had his photo took by a few passers by, holding his new purchase…


We went back to the frontline stand for one last visit before we left lucky enough to see Titch and a brief seminar on the frontline products. #takeacloserlook


Thank you guys from #Frontline you helped us have a lovely Mother’s Day!