DOG WARDROBE | Storage area


After a typical cleaning day in the house it was time to sort the dog cupboard out…

After converting the coal cupboard into a little room. The dog items were just dumped in boxes making it all very impractical.

Having one wall for all their items we can see what there is to grab and if we are missing anything.


With two cheap hook rails, a small shelf, a few jars it makes life so much easier for organising and storing items.

Hanging up the coats and drying towels after a dirty walk or washing them helps dry them out and makes everything ready for the next walk.

Jars make great bow holders! You can fill them with quite a few different ones or each jar for different companies.


Having a basket to put all our collars in is quick access and easy to sort through when looking for what to put on Hunter & Maple.


Large tote bags are great to put all outdoor toys, keeping them all together and the dirt at bay.


With an additional basket on the floor with various items in, including hunter & maples wash bags. One with all the nice smelling sprays and shampoos and one with all our grooming tools.


Hope this helps bring a little dog storage wall to your home too.