GROOMING | Our favourite tools



We wanted to share some of our grooming tools with you guys and show what works best for us.

As Hunter & Maple have never been professionally groomed we have bought a few things in the past which weren’t right and after trying different products these are what works best for them.


Mars Coat King (*20 blade)
– The Mars Coat King is a stripping tool which helps get rid of 90% of the loose dead hair. It really does take a lot of hair out! No need for shaving any of the top hair off as we use this about once every 3 months and it really brings out the dull/dead hairs and helps get the fur soft and shiny. Defiantly a must have tool!

Retail: £31.45 from amazon
*20 Blade is the one that is best suited for our dogs, they do various different sizes for length of hairs.


– Now this one is recommended for larger short haired dogs but this one is best for Maple. She’s shorter haired and has more of a wiry coat than Hunter.

Retail: £50 from petsathome


Wahl dog clippers (wireless)
– We have had these since we first had Hunter, they are great and do the job. We use the clippers for the long whisper bits on the back of the legs, the chest and for their feet.
With the rechargeable feature is so handy rather than having to deal with a cable and a slightly mischievous Maple.

We couldn’t find the ones we have but here is an equivalent. Retail: £47.94 from Amazon


– We recently bought this from Crufts as we were in the need of a new brush. This brush getting through those spaniel ear knots… perfect! Helps just brush the surface on both coats but this for us is best for knots and tangles in the ears and tail.

Retail: £12 from petteezer


Animology Shampoo
– With trying a few different shampoos over the past year or two, we have tried more expensive ones which smell gorgeous but then the smell goes after 10 minutes. There is no doubt Animology is the best one we have had and its extra soapy.
Hunter has the True colours one making him extra brown in colour and Maple has the Flea & Tick one as she sometimes has some irrative/flakey skin but this shampoo has been keeping that at bay from the last few washes!

Retail: £5.50 from animology


Vetschoice Maxisheen spray
– This has to be our new favourite item of 2018. You shake, click the the trigger and it disperses a 2/3 second spritz with a lovely smell which stays for days! It’s a conditioning spray that you brush through the fur. It contains specific deodorising ingredients to help with particularly smelly pets, whilst helping to maintain a healthy skin and coat long term.

Retail: £9.99 from certain vets (find locations here)



Our washbags were a gift but here is ones similar from prettyperfectgiftsuk