D.I.Y | Mackerel & Sweet potato dog treats


It’s always nice to have some homemade treats in and we have never done anything fishy before. So it was time to see what we could conjure up… Tinned steamed Mackerel and sweet potato dehydrated dog treats (you can dehydrate or not)

Want to give it ago? Heres how we did it…


Ingredients (measured)
2 medium eggs whisked
1 and a half cups of organic wholemeal flour
x2 tins of steamed Mackerel
1 Sweet potato washed, pealed and cut into small chunks
1 teaspoon of heated organic coconut oil
3/4 cup of water

Pre heat the over to 160°c / 338°f or gas mark 3.

Mix together all measured ingredients into a large bowl and stir till combined.




Pour mixture into a grease proof lined baking tin.


Take care and place tin into the oven. Time takes 1hour – 1.2 hours (until golden/darker brown)


I then let it cool a little and broke into pieces with my hands and placed onto another grease paper lined tray and cooked for 20 minutes to crisp up.


You can leave it like this and use the treats and freeze some in freezer bags/containers. But we like to dehydrate things…(Dehydrate for 4/5 hours)


Leave to cool and use as treats. Hunter and Maple love these fishy treats a lot

– Baked lasts 3-4 days and dehydrated lasts 1-2 weeks all in air tight containers/bags.




*Note: Your cooking times may vary.
Please check your dogs allergies & intolerances before using any ingredients.
Also make sure you take care when using any hot appliances or sharp objects.