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We are so excited to tell you that Hunter & Maple are official GeekSTARS!
We are extremely thrilled to be working with Guru and being their Outdoor GeekSTARS.

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I remember maples first trip bone like it was yesterday…. well 2 years ago to be exact…. We have been a lover of Guru from the very first time we received our first package.

With years passed we are still loving everything about Guru from their food to their brand to their passion. The Guru trip bones will always remain our favourite (as well as the food and sausages of course) as this was the first thing Hunter actually drooled over! I couldn’t believe my eyes with all that drool dripping everywhere…


See below our Guru-exclusive interview with the well loved Geekster Sam

Welcome Amy, Hunter and Maple to #TeamGuru tell us a little bit about yourselves.
“Hey Geeks, thankyou for having us on your team! I am Amy, I’m 26 years old and live in Manchester with my two adorablecockers Hunter & Maple.

Hunter literally popped up into my life outside my work window! What a perfect surprise he was…

Hunter has just hit 2 and a half and is still like the same old little bundle of joy. He loves a cuddle and is well known for his #sharingthelove from kisses with Maple to cuddles with old ladies, he is a charmer!

We got Maple just a few months after as Hunter clearly needed a lady in his life. Two puppies at once clearly was a silly idea at the time but they were smitten for each other. Hunter & Maple do everything together, they just love the great outdoors and running free and stealing each others toys”.

Is blogging your profession or a hobby?
“Blogging is just a hobby but it’s starting to become a great passion of mine and a fun aspect of my life from sharing adventures to some fun DIYs, the list is getting longer on things i want to do”.

Where’s your favourite place to go on an outdoor adventure?
“A favourite place is hard to choose but I would say Anglesey, Wales is our favourite area to travel too with mainly camping in mind”.

How much time do you spend blogging?
“With a full time job as a graphic designer, I currently spend just weekends planning or writing my blog posts with the help from Hunter & Maple of course”.

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?
“Honestly DOGFEST! We love seeing the GURU stand each year it defiantly stands out from the crowd. With lots of socialising, Hunter & Maple get to see their friends and we get to travel to different llocations for more adventure time”.

Finally, do you have any nicknames for Hunter and Maple? If you do, what are they and why?
“As Hunter will always be my ’baby boy’ when i shout him over (in our home) i say “Where’s my baby boy” and he comes running right over for a cuddle!

And Maple well she’s just Maple! If I shout her name she comes and plonks her head right in your face haha”.