D.I.Y | Guru ice cubes


As the weather has been so warm we have been looking for ways to keep Hunter & Maple cool and ice cubes have always been their favourite.

As Guru’s pet food goes lovely and mushy when mixed with hot water we thought about putting them into nice cold ice cubes to make a yummy and healthy treat!

IMG_4209.jpgI bought my paw ice cube tray off eBay last year – there are other fun ones out there too ‘dog silicone ice cube tray’

– Using the Guru plastic cup, scoop so its half full (or use a big hand full) and pour into a dog bowl.

– Boil kettle; Once kettle has boiled using a measuring jug pour 200ml into your bowl and leave till cool (takes about 5mins). Give it a quick stir halfway through.


-Scoop the food into the ice cube tray and pop into freezer for 4-5 hours.


Enjoy your extra yummy treats for this summer weather!



*Note: May not work with other dog food as guru gently breaks down while other biscuits float and swell.
Please check your dogs allergies & intolerances before using any ingredients.
Also make sure you take care when using boiling water.

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