CAMPING | What do Hunter & Maple take?


I always used to go camping once a month before we got Hunter & Maple. We used to grab the camping gear out the shed shove it in the car Friday night and thats us sorted. With Hunter & Maple its just as easy!

We have just got back from our 3rd camping trip with them both and they really are a dream to take camping.


Hunter & Maple have one backpack that we put all their minimum essentials in…

x2 Guru trip bones
x2 Meals each in a ziplock bag
x2 Pop up dog bowls
Bottle of water
Poo bags
x2 Ruff and tumble dog coats
x2 Harnesses
x2 Slip leads
x2 Kong squeaky balls

In the bag we also have a little accident bag including: an antiseptic dog spray, cotton wool balls in a ziplock bag, x2 pairs of gloves and a vetrap bandage.


And we just put their Joules travel bed folded in the car as it won’t fit in their small backpack. The travel bed is great for the sleeping in the tent, resting at the beach or popping outside a cafe when your eating.
With the temperate dropping at night and we don’t use electric or heaters, Hunter & Maple do like to snuggle up with you. So making sure they are dry before getting in the tent is crucial.


With most camp sites dogs are asked to be kept on a lead at all times, so finding one that has its own beach always helps if you just want to chill for the day around your tent.


This trip we did a spot of fishing, which is now Hunters favourite thing to do – i think he only liked it as he thought every fish was for him! haha.




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