TEST TASTING| Guru ‘Reel’ Fishskins


Being a guru geekstar we got ‘reely’ excited to taste test the new Nothing To Hide – ‘Reel’ Fishskins.


Being a keen fishing family Hunter and Maple do love a fresh fishy treat every now and then, but having these new naturally air-dried fish skins are a great way of keeping the fishy treats for longer and they give a lovely crunch!


The fish skins, like all the other products from Guru have ‘NOTHING TO HIDE’. They are packed with Omega 3 in each scrumptious square which can aid brain development, help maintain a healthy heart and joints, as well as keeping your dog’s coat in optimum condition and we all know Hunter loves his coat looking shiny.


They are Hypoallergenic, No Grain, No Gluten, No Soya and a Natural Dental Aid.

Hunter and Maple loved there first bites and maple snook into the packet to grab another. These are going to be a new firm favourite.



With a striking new colour adding to there packet range it will be sure to catch your eye over on the guru stand at dogfest this month…. be sure to catch yourself a packet or two.






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