HUXLEY HOUND | First thoughts on their air-dried treats


IMG_0764Coming across this brand at dogfest we developed an instant love. With their bright eye-catching  packaging and displaying the words ‘organic’ on the front we had to take a closer look.


We picked up their variety pack at dogfest which contained 4 different organic flavours; Beetroot, Carrot, Sweet Potato and Parsnip. Each pack has 30g of air dried treats with each flavour having it’s own health benefits too.


With their vegetables being ethically-sourced, organic and then dehydrated with no preservatives and are additive-free they are great for a healthy treat along with our dogs diet.

They are great for just popping in your pocket and giving your dog as a treat through out the day as they don’t break up in your pocket or leave a smell.



Maple was a firm favourite of the parsnip treats,  they were a little crunchy and lasted longer than just a quick biscuit treat.


Whilst Hunter actually picked the carrot as his firm favourite. He loves them and did a little howl when i was putting them away!  #moreplease

We highly recommend having a look at these are they are a great healthy treat with less than 1% fat.  | instagram



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