TRIP with a trip bone | GURUPETFOOD


Trip bones from gurupetfood have always been a firm favourite of ours! We love that they are handy size treat & food which you can take anywhere with you.


Whether we are out and about, traveling, trips to the beach or just popping to our parents for the day we always grab a trip bone each as it’s a quick and easy way to make sure they have there breakfast or dinner on the go.


Hunter and Maple have their own bag we use for going out to pop toys in, poo bags, a towel and some guru bones.

We love to go camping and having these on hand makes life so much easier with just popping these out rather than trying to find bowls and washing them after.


Trip bones are full of flavour using chicken and have a variety of natural ingredients in them. They can be used for food on a trip or just for a treat at home, available in 2 different sizes. Small and Large.


Guru also offer 2 packs for buying your trip bones in bulk which also offer a discount which is fab.

Try some for yourself and you’ll fall in love like us – grab yours here:

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