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It has been 12 months since I first heard of Protect My Pet. I thought it was such a great idea that I signed up immediately, which means this blog is celebrating our one year Protect My Pet anniversary.

Having a box arriving through my door with exactly what I need to dose each month is very handy. Having a service you can trust to deliver what you need, just when you need it, it is great for anyone with a busy lifestyle or those like me who can be a little forgetful.

Boxes start from £6.99 a month, with multi-pet discounts available. #3dogfamily

I spoke to Marianne, the founder of Protect My Pet, to find out more about this helpful service to share with you guys.

What is “Protect My Pet”?
PMP is a unique monthly subscription box service providing parasite protection tailored for your pet. Our qualified veterinary team select the products based on your pet’s individual characteristics, such as their age, weight and breed.  The required dose is then delivered to your home in a monthly health box, protecting your pet from fleas, ticks and worms. When it arrives in the post, it’s time to dose.

How did you come up with the idea?
My entire career has been focused on improving animal health. Before qualifying as a veterinary physiotherapist I enjoyed working in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. Working with vets and owners gave me a real insight to some of the concerns they shared about how best to keep pets healthy.

Keeping cats and dogs free of parasites is one of the first steps in protecting them from potential illness and disease. From working closely with vets I know they continue to see thousands of cases of parasites each year despite the availability of effective products on the market.

To help with this problem I wanted to make it easier for owners to stay on top of their pet’s preventative health care with a new, hassle-free approach. I am a huge fan of the convenience of subscription box services, and realised that a monthly tailored health box would be the perfect solution to keeping pets’ parasite free.

How long have you been protecting pets?
We started the company in 2016 and from our base in North London we are now reaching cats and dogs all across Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

You say ‘we’, how many people work for PMP?
I have been very lucky to find colleagues who are as passionate as I am about helping animals. We are currently a team of three veterinary professionals, but have plans to expand as the number of pets we are helping grows.

What is in your monthly subscription box?
We offer a choice of boxes to suit the needs of your pet family. Our Standard Health Box includes the parasite treatment required by your pet that month. Our technology will track when worming treatment is required, for most pets this will be every third month. This takes the stress out of trying to remember which treatments are due and when.

In addition to our Standard Health Box we also offer the Plus Health Box.  This option includes specially selected premium quality treats and a handy pouch of degradable poo bags (and cat’s receive a tasty wet pouch instead). For pet owners with more than one pet, we also offer Multi-Pet Health Boxes, making convenient protection for the whole pet family even more affordable as we offer excellent multi pet discounts.

What products are included in the health boxes?
We work closely with the manufacturers of the UK market-leading parasite prevention products and offer a range of products including Advantage, Frontline, Drontal & Dronspot – the brand new spot-on wormer especially designed for cats.

Why is it important to treat for parasites?
Fleas, worms and ticks can all impact on your pet’s health and quality of life. Fleas are extremely common, with almost 60% of cats and dogs having had at least one reported flea infestation during their lives. Fleas carry out the majority of their life-cycle in the environment, meaning that an infestation affects your whole home, not just your pet. Regular parasite treatment with veterinary quality products will ensure your pet is protected. It is our goal at Protect My Pet to make parasite treatment easy for everyone.

Protect My Pet is available online at www.protect-mypet.com

or you can also find them @ TwitterInstagram  | Facebook

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(box kindly gifted) – Maple has been off the subscription due to pregnancy but will be back on with Copper added soon!